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Elk Valley USD 283


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Back to School Safe Return Plan



District Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

USD 283 Elk Valley Schools



Describe how the district will maintain the health and safety of students, educators, and other staff and the extent to which it has adopted policies, and a description of any such policies, on each of the following safety recommendations established by the CDC:

  1. Universal and correct wearing of masks.

The USD 283 Board of Education will continue to support the individual decision by students, patrons, and staff to properly wear masks in accordance with CDC safety guidelines. The board of education will support these individual decisions but currently does not have a district policy requiring the use of masks. 


  1. Modifying facilities to allow for physical distancing (e.g., use of cohorts/podding).


Currently, with the level of enrollment, the school district has, proper social distancing in classrooms and community areas is achieved with minimal modifications. USD 283 will continue to monitor and adjust the setup of the facilities to encourage and allow physical distancing.


  1. Handwashing and respiratory etiquette.

Staff and students follow regular handwashing and respiratory etiquette. Students are encouraged to wash their hands every hour, during passing times and regular restroom breaks. Hand sanitization stations are located throughout all buildings with signage encouraging regular handwashing. 


  1. Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities, including improving ventilation.

Thanks to the assistance of ESSER dollars we are updating and improving ventilation by replacing units with new units that bring in more fresh air. We added new positions to custodial and maintenance to increase our cleaning protocols of all areas of the district. Common areas are sanitized multiple times a day, classrooms are sanitized twice a day and fresh air is introduced into common areas throughout the building with the enhancements. Foodservice has increased their cleaning and using sanitization procedures to promote a safe cafeteria environment. Barriers are in place to limit exposure to the kitchen and protocols in place to limit contact with students and food preparation. Use of disposable utensils and trays are also in place. Students, staff and patrons are temperature checked upon entering campus facilities. 


  1. Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration with the State, local, territorial, or Tribal health departments.

During the school year, district officials meet weekly with the Elk County Health Department to update COVID-19 information and to analyze local, state, and national trending data. Administration works closely with county health officials in reporting staff and students with symptoms, communication and collaboration occurs in real time in sharing information related to contact tracing and reporting. 

  1. Diagnostic and screening testing.


The district uses CDC guidance questionnaire to screen staff and students who may be presenting symptoms related to COVID-19. If the criteria is met, the individual is advised and encouraged to make an appointment with a local health provider for further testing and screening. This information is then shared with county health officials. Temperature checks are taken from any party entering district facilities. 


  1. Efforts to provide vaccinations to school communities.

USD 283 has distributed materials to all staff, students, parents, and patrons on COVID-19 vaccination locations and reasons to get vaccinated. The local county health nurse continues to come on campus to administer vaccines when requested. 


  1. Appropriate accommodations for children with disabilities with respect to health and safety policies.


Students with individual disabilities have been provided guidance information from the CDC and individual education plans have been updated where necessary to include the appropriate accommodations to best meet district, county, state, and national health policies. District officials regularly meet with staff and parents when an individual student requires such accommodations. 


  1. Coordination with State and local health officials.

USD 283 administration meets regularly with local health officials and participates in-state public health updates as it relates to our local school district. During the school year, the district has a weekly standing meeting with our local county health official to update and revise any protocols or policies as they relate to the health and safety of students and staff related to the pandemic.

Part II.

Describe how the district will ensure continuity of services, including but not limited to:

  1. services to address students' academic needs. 

The district will continue to monitor the changing aspects of the pandemic as it relates to the pandemic. Providing access to remote technology, individual devices, updating internet speeds, providing Wi-Fi hotspot devices, and ensuring connectivity at home is included in the district response. Staff continues to have professional development in areas of remote learning and teaching, providing more supports to students and closely monitoring every student’s academic progress and needs. Individual plans of study have been developed and modified to address the academic needs of students to ensure success in a remote and traditional learning environment. 


  1. students and staff social, emotional, mental health 

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the district has hired a full-time social worker and will continue to help support the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students. Staff continues to receive professional development in social and emotional curriculum and identifying warning issues and behaviors exhibited by students. The staff has access to third-party counselors through the district insurance plan. The administration continues to do weekly staff appreciation and creating areas for staff to have time to refocus and rejuvenate during the day. The district is acquiring resources to help support the needs of staff and students. Given the district’s rural location, access to community partners and support is limited and does present many unique challenges for the district as many of the enhanced responsibilities for social, emotional, and mental health fall on individual teachers. The administration continues to explore opportunities and grants to address these challenges, however, even with the monetary resources securing and hiring mental health professionals continue to be incredibly challenging for our area.


  1. other needs, which may include student health and food services.

The district is ordering new serving equipment to better address individual meal serving. The addition of coolers to store premade meals for home delivery when the district is remote, the purchase of additional food service equipment to prepare remote meals and individual hot meals is in process with the ESSER funding. Improvements to the HVAC, serving lines, and protective barriers are ongoing to better improve the health and safety of staff and students as they participate in our foodservice programs.


American Rescue Plan Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

Revised June 2021

DOWNLOAD: ESSERIII-DistrictPlanForSafeReturnToIn-personInstructionUSD283061921 (1).docx

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