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  • School Play

    Alice's Adventures with Poorly Cooked Seafood

    Alice is a young girl who lives with her mom and annoying

    genius younger brother. Things never seem

    to go the way Alice wants them.  When her evil biology teacher

    gives her detention one day, she decides to eat a lot of cafeteria

    food, which makes her sick and causes her to have weird

    hallucinations, from talking rabbits, to talking cats and mice that can

    tell her future. She realized that this imagination is even stranger than

    the real world, and learns a very valuable less along the way...


    Alice's Adventures with Poorly Cooked Seafood was performed last week by the Elk Valley cast. After weeks of rehearsals they finally hit the stage on Thursday March 9. Also performed on March 10, 11, and 12th. They received a lot  of great feedback and it was a successful play overall.


    Students who participated were:


    Alice: Cassidy Hutton

    Waldo/ Mad Hater: Walker Corle

    Mom:  Kenzie Reid

    Ms. Snodgrass/ Red Queen: Hannah Henning

    Tammy/ Rabbit: Kayla Jones

    Mary/ March Hare: Laurie Weaver

    Stacy/ Mouse: Heather Glass

    Melanie/ Gryphon: Cheyenne Walker

    Kaylie/Cheshire Cat: Morgan Lange

    Joey/ King of Hearts: Elvis Bosley

    Moob/ Mock Turtle Ninja : Josh House

    Stage Manager: Matthew Campfield

    Stage Crew: Ty Alexander, Rylee Shipley, Matt McDow, D'Alaze Kiesel, Tyler Foged, Evan P.

    Lights: Ben Dowell


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  • EV Lions Pride -- Team Store

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  • Elk Valley T-shirts

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  • Elementary Field Trip

    Elementary Independence Science and Technology Center Field Trip

    On Tuesday February, 28th the elementary got to take a trip to the Independence Science and Technology Center. The Independence Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is a interactive hands on science experience for Independence youth and their families. It is known as a cultural institution defining Independence and Southeast Kansas as a caring and progressive community. There students got to enjoy things like look at the exhibits, play with legos, magnets, and all kinds of games. Its a great experience for young kids, and you get to stay close to home!


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  • Toys for Tots

    On Wednesday, February 15, Elk Valley was awarded for having the most donations for Toys for Tots than any other school participating in the challenge sponsored by the Marines from the Bartlesville Recruiting Office. We even went past the amount of donations from several larger schools in the area and should be very proud of this achievement. This award is for all who participated in Toys for Tots. Thank you

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