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  • Kansas Thespian Conference

        Elk Valley has attended the 2018 Kansas State Thespian conference. The Elk Valley Thespian Troupe sent seven members to participate, in the conference. Mrs.Predruzzi, troupe leader, accompanied them to Wichita, Kansas, where they stayed for three days. With several workshops to choose from such as: playwriting, acting, and backstage work, etc. They also saw many plays that were performed by other high schools. Elk Valley Thespians are thankful for the donations they have received to make this trip possible.  

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    4th 5th and 6th grade basketball game

        Elk Valleys 4th 5th and 6th had their first games of the season at Fredonia. The boys played against Cherryvale their first game and were defeated 16-49. Then later on went against Thayer in their second game and losing 16-34. These boys showed a lot of growth and potential in their opening games! looking forward to seeing them improve! They are coached by Mr. Sweetwood. Then our Elk Valley Lady Lions, coached by Tyler Coots, brought home a victory against the Fredonia Yellow Jackets with a final score of 20-6! Then they lost their second game against Cherryvale 14-21.

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  • December Students of the Month

    ROARing Loudly

        Elk Valley Elementary is happy to announce that Evan Pagacz and Emma Madore have been selected December “Students of the Month”. Evan is a 6th grader and his favorite class is P.E. His favorite food is hamburgers, and in his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball at the city court. Evan is a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but he also likes the Kansas City Royals. His dream is to some day play professional baseball for the Royals. When asked who he most admires, he replied, “My dad, Myles Pagacz.” Evan is the son of Bonnie Foged of Longton and Myles Pagacz of Chanute.

        Emma is a 2nd grader at Elk Valley. She likes Mrs. Coots’ math class the best. When asked how she felt about being selected, Emma replied, “I felt a little bit scared but mostly excited and surprised!” She enjoys watching movies with her sister, and her favorite color is pink. She is still considering what she would like to be when she grows up. Emma is the daughter of Shane and Savannah Madore of rural Elk City.


        Congratulations to James Welch! He has been selected as Elk Valley High School’s December “Student of the Month”. James is a Senior. After graduation, James would like to pursue a career in farming and/or ranching. He enjoys his FFA classes and weights class. In his free time, James likes hanging out with his friends and family, which often includes cheering on the K-State football and basketball teams. He also enjoys listening to country music and eating his favorite foods, which are burritos and pizza. When asked who he most admires, James replied, “The Greer family because they took me in and made me a part of their family.” James is the foster son of Scott and Debra Greer of rural Elk City.


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    Jared Estes Assembly

        January 09, Elk Valley had a special assembly with Jared Estes, where he shared his story with our Middle and High School students. He came to teach us about how to persevere and don't dwell in self pity. He had shared with us his experience with a drunk driver. One night Jared, his wife, and two friends were coming come from a hockey game and a drunk driver and another man were seeing how fast his mother's Mercedes would go and he hit 150 and hit the vehicle that Jared was in. Jared lost his wife in this incident, everyone else survived with severe burns. Another lesson, don't drink and drive, not only are you affecting yourself but you could be risking another persons life as well. 

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    Worlds of Fun Winterfest

    Second quarter incentive trip was to Worlds of Fun Winterfest. Students ate supper at Pizza Ranch buffet and enjoyed lights, rides, and music at Worlds of Fun. 

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