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  • Softball Clinic 2017

    Come Join the Elk Valley Softball Team for pitching/ catching and General Skills Clinics!

    Saturday, May 13th at East Park, in Fredonia, 9am – Noon.

    Girl’s ages: 8-14

    Pitching and Catching Clinic from 9-10:30

    General Skills Clinic from 10:30 – noon.

    Cost: $10 for 1 clinic, $15 for both. Please make checks out to Elk Valley Athletics.


    Registration Form

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  • KC Wolf


    KC Wolf

    On Tuesday, April 11th, KC wolf made a stop at Elk Valley. He told the kids about his job and what its like being a mascot, and how fun it can be. He also gave a inspirational speech about what motivates him through life. He calls it A-B-C of success. In his speech hes stresses the importance of your Attitude-Behavior- and Character.


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  • Feature image-2

    Elk Valley Senior Trip 2017


    Senior Trip 2017

    Elk Valley Senior Trip


                A question I’ve been asked quite frequently lately is “How was Senior Trip, what did you do?” Well I’m going to tell you. It all started on March 17th, when the Elk Valley seniors and I, along with our sponsors Mr. Coots, and Debra Greer went to Florrissant, Colorado. 


    The first day we left at around 4:00 am. We stopped a couple times to use the restroom, and then we stopped at Sharon Springs to go to Walmart and then had the choice to either eat at Subway or Arby's. After we ate we hit the road again and then stopped at the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign and took a group photo. (Florrissant is still about a three-hour drive once you get to Colorado so we hit the road again, but it was a pretty fun drive because we got to see some beautiful views of the mountains as we got closer to Pikes Peak.) We finally arrived to our house at around 2:30 and we were greeted by the house's owners and their dog Chance! The house we stayed in also came with a hot tub, and 40 acres of land we could hike on. We changed our clothes as soon as we got there and went exploring the trails.  Afterwards a few people went to Walmart to get all the food we needed and then we all enjoyed pizza for dinner and just relaxed for the rest of the day.


    To start off the second day Matt, Deb, and a few others made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. After we ate we all got ready to go to the Red Rock Canyon. The canyon was probably just about the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. We hiked and climbed rocks for a couple hours. Then we headed to Seven Falls. We rode a shuttle bus to get to the waterfall, then Mr. Coots got our tickets and we were all given red wrist bands. Seven Falls was also very beautiful, we got to hike and climb stairs to the top of the waterfall. I also went to the gift shop and bought a souvenir cup, some chocolate and a new bag. After Seven Falls we decided to go downtown to a store called "The Cowhand" afterwards I also went into a store that sold wooden carvings and I bought a gift for my mom. Once we were done with downtown we were all extremely worn out so we then went back to the house and ate steak and hamburgers for dinner then relaxed in the hot tub and sat by the fire before we went to bed.


    The third Day-Sunday- was probably one of my favorites. First we woke up and had breakfast and then we went to ride the cog train all the way up Pike’s Peak! It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. (At the very top there was also a gift shop that we could go into), I bought a hoodie that said "Pikes Peak Elevation 14,115 ft.") We also took a group photo at the top. After the cog train ride down, a few people went shopping, but a few of us were very tired so we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things, got drinks at Sonic, then headed home to start dinner. After dinner everyone relaxed and got some rest.


    Monday was also probably one of the most fun days that we had on the trip. After breakfast we got to go to Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods has a huge walking trial for you to follow and you can look at all the rocks. It was very beautiful and Deb and I walked all around it and took a bunch of photos. After the Garden we all got to eat lunch at Applebee's. Then we went to Cave of the Winds, where a tour guide took us through a beautiful cave, it’s one of the highest caves in the country! After the cave tour we all went to the gift shop and I picked up some souvenirs. Afterwards we headed back to the house to make dinner and then I roasted some S'mores.


    The next day was the day we went home. We left at around 3:30 a.m. and I immediately fell asleep, we were so anxious to get home that we only stopped a couple times for gas and then we all went out to eat at Arby's. We arrived back to Longton around 2:30 pm.


    Overall I think it's safe to say that we all had an amazing trip, I'll never forget the feeling of being at the very top of Pikes Peak, or all the late night talks we had together. Thank you to everyone who has supported us these past year and thanks Debra Greer and Mr. Coots for taking us and making our trip so much fun!


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  • Ready for Kindergarten Next Year?

    Kindergarten Readiness Test


    Elk Valley School’s

    Kindergarten Readiness


    April 25, 2017

    Call for Appointment


    Testing time approximately 30 minutes.

    Testing room Elk Valley Pre-School room.

    Longton, Kansas

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  • State Testing Starting in April

    Testing Starts Tuesday, April 4!

    Get some rest!

    Please parents, have you students at school for the next several weeks
    and give them lots of encouragement.

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  • EV Lions Pride -- Team Store

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  • Elementary Field Trip

    Elementary Independence Science and Technology Center Field Trip

    On Tuesday February, 28th the elementary got to take a trip to the Independence Science and Technology Center. The Independence Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is a interactive hands on science experience for Independence youth and their families. It is known as a cultural institution defining Independence and Southeast Kansas as a caring and progressive community. There students got to enjoy things like look at the exhibits, play with legos, magnets, and all kinds of games. Its a great experience for young kids, and you get to stay close to home!


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