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  • Minatory Senior Parent Meeting

    Attention Seniors: Those planning on going on the Senior Trip MUST come to Parents Meeting with their parent on Tuesday, February 28, at 6pm in the Gym.

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  • Dr. Seuss Week

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  • Body Venture

    Body venture was a unique educational program designed to involve students in learning the skills
    and choices for a healthy lifestyle. Children learned about the importance of good nutrition choices by walking
    through a 45 foot by 50 foot exhibit representing the human body. The exhibit was designed
    and created by the Kansas State Department of Education, child nutrition and wellness.


    Students toured the human body with Power Panther graphics as a guide.
    Throughout the exhibit, they learned how to apply Power Panther's slogan, EAT SMART, PLAY HARD.


    The tour began when students, in groups of eight to ten, enter the school lunchroom and became
    a food such as a carrot, low-fat milk or piece of chicken. In the second station,
    they walked through a giant ear into a brain. Inside the huge brain dome, students experience
    "brain waves" and learned about brain function. The "foods" stepped into the exhibit's larger-than-life mouth,
    are "swallowed" through the esophagus tunnel and moved into the stomach dome. From the stomach,
    the students travel through the small intestine where they became nutrients, then are "absorbed" into the blood.
    Then they follow the path of the nutrients to the heart, lung, bone, muscle, and skin stations.
    Students leave the body through a cut in the skin and proceed through
    Power Panther's Pathway to Life. This funnel station recapped what they had learned.


    To make Body Venture happen there had to be thirty volunteers throughout the community
    and I was amazed seeing everyone work together. Even though I'm a senior in high school,
    I though Body Venture was and excellent experience. I wish we could of had this when I was in Elementary!
                                                                                                                    by Cassidy Hutton




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  • School Play

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